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Borsch festival - The Festival of borshch - About Borshchfest

The Festival of borshch

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Borsch in Lugansk (no beets)


Green borsch with wild leek

Now open the season of spring-summer borsch and will prepare one of the most popular in Ukrainian 

About Festival

The festival of Borsch - is a modern, bright, interactive cooking project!

It is open tasting contest for "amateurs" and professionals of culinary art, which exists and is supported entirely by private funds and initiatives.

Today we travels the regions of Ukraine in the form of presentation tours, during which we collect local (regional and author) borsch recipes, entertainment (various competitions, contests games and other entertainment) for local residents and visitors of the festival, competitions favorite recipes cooking borsch and its free tasting.

The festival provides the maximum involvement of known personalities, talents and admirers of Ukrainian culture and consumption Borsch from Ukraine, and from outside. The festival is planned as an annual all-Ukrainian mass, and eventually an international holiday.  By "borsch case" will publish the book and as well as a host of other materials, and perhaps capture semidocumentary.

Well, when the Ukrainian Borsch day become a national holiday?


Underline the copyrights and intellectual rights to the trademark “Festival of borsch”, literary work “All-Ukrainian Festival of borsch” (idea, script) and the work of fine art “Festival of borsch” (logo) are protected. Current legislation of Ukraine provides for liability for breach of intellectual property rights and copyrights.


Purpose of the festival manInner.gif

Provide an opportunity not only try borsch and all of its forms, to know what recipe you to taste more than anything, and get positive emotions, trying a unique dish, feeling present in the traditions relating to the basis of the national cuisine - Borsch, dish, which symbolizes the taste, health , welfare, comfort of home, family, real Ukrainian traditions.


Mission Festival

  • Promotion of Ukrainian cuisine and traditions among the general population in the country and the international community.
  • Introduction of new contemporary forms of leisure activities on the basis of Ukrainian national traditions and customs.
  • Maintaining and improving the ancient traditions of the Ukrainian people and the foundations of the national pride of Ukrainians in cooking - Borsch!
  • Dissemination of useful information about the culture of cooking and consumption of all varieties of  borsch.
  • Promote the development of  Ukrainian culture, family values, as the basis of personal training every Ukrainian citizen.
  • Increased domestic tourism and attract tourist flows to Ukraine.