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Borsch festival - - Borsch in Lugansk (no beets)

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Borsch in Lugansk (no beets)



Beef on the bone - 750 grams
Pork - 750 grams
(variant: instead of pork and beef 2kg-chicken).
Potatoes - 750 grams
Cabbage - 750 grams
Tomatoes - 1 kg
(winter version - 1 liter tomato home "refueling", 1 liter of high-quality tomato juice).
Three large carrots
Three large multi-colored bell peppers (for example - red, yellow, green)
2 medium bulbs
Half of lemon
Garlic, parsley, dill, onion arrows, black pepper
Refined oil

Exodus - 8 liters


Bon Appetit!

Jaroslav Grebenyuk, journalist, Lugansk

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