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The Festival of borshch

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Borsch in Lugansk (no beets)


Green borsch with wild leek

Now open the season of spring-summer borsch and will prepare one of the most popular in Ukrainian 

Scientists of  Lissabon University, conducting in-depth study in Kiev and in New York, found that fans of borsch  as the basis for healthy eating, creative abilities appear more than supporters Americanized “fast food”. So the 100 people who regularly take borsch, 85% were able to independently create poem lines on your favorite meal, and only 28% of fans of fast food could do the same. Interestingly, none of the previously selected for the study group amounted to verse. So the result leads to the conclusion that those who like borsch more creative people, or are developing it as such afterwards. Are you with a group and are able to make a poem?