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The Festival of borshch

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Borsch in Lugansk (no beets)


Green borsch with wild leek

Now open the season of spring-summer borsch and will prepare one of the most popular in Ukrainian 


October 9, 2010 the Festival of Borsch ™

will be held at the IV Festival "Street of Friendship"

for the sake of strengthening cultural ties between Russia and Ukraine

The Festival of Borsch ™ will be held at the VI regional festival of traditional and modern Ukrainian culture "Street of Friendship", which is becoming increasingly popular every year, not only because of longstanding good-neighborly relations between the two border towns, but also includes an exhibition of masters of arts and crafts, the performance of regional Equestrian Theater, fair cuisine, performances by folk groups, and gala concert featuring the best amateur and professional teams.

20th departure of All-Ukrainian "the Festival of Borsch” will be held in one of the most unique and most remote corners of our country - urban village Milove (Lugansk region), which is the administrative center Milovskogo district and borders the Russian village Chertkovo. It is known that conventionally separates the settlements only railway track.

From 14:00 am everyone and guests of the region are invited to the celebrations to the central scene on the street named of Friendship of Peoples, which forms the state border between Ukraine and Russia.

At this time to the Festival of Borsch falls unique opportunity to explore the Ukrainian traditions at the extreme east of Ukraine, as well as be able to capture the method of preparation of the Ukrainian national dishe number 1 and incredibly close to the Ukraine – in village Chertkovo (Russian Federation).

It is interesting that the competition for the most delicious borsch teams will participate in the Ukrainian-Russian community, which will lead: to the Ukrainian side - Medvedev Anatoliy Ivanovych, chairman of the village council uv. Milove, and the Russian side - the chairman of the village council v. Chertkov. The Russian party also promises to bring a professional team of Cookery.

Cooking process, traditionally, will coordinate the MC Yuras (Yuras Krasyuk, a leading author of the project and the owner of TM the Festival of borsch) - the announcer on festivals of "Red Ruth", "Tavria Games", Melorama + on Inter channel..

The holiday will be in the format of the national celebrations, which will be actively attended by representatives of all regional districts and village councils.
Borsch recipe each team, as expected, kept secret yet ... but the free borsch tasting for everyone, and strict jury determine which soup tastes better ... and will kept a recipe for service!

The festival is held under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine and with the support of the Culture and Tourism of Luhansk Regional Administration, of Lugansk Regional Center of scientific-methodical works, cultural initiatives and cinematography; as well as Milove district state administration.

The festival of Borsch - is a modern, bright, interactive cooking project! It is open tasting contest for "amateurs" and professionals of culinary art, which exists and is supported entirely by private funds and initiatives.Today we travels the regions of Ukraine in the form of presentation tours, during which we collect local (regional and author) borsch recipes, entertainment (various competitions, contests games and other entertainment) for local residents and visitors of the festival, competitions favorite recipes cooking borsch and its free tasting.

So, those who are not lazy and should not travel too far - there have to be, because that would be very interesting and varied, everyone will find something for themselves.

Meet at the border of taste!


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